Hidrock is a vertically integrated real estate investment company that believes the best investment & development opportunities are found in prime locations with exceptional visibility. By building projects in such locations with the objective of longer term ownership, Hidrock is driven to consistently deliver the highest level of quality with a focus on operating efficiencies for every asset class.


Hidrock’s acquisitions team concentrates specifically on markets in and around New York City and Florida. This local expertise and presence has produced strong relationships with owners and brokers, ensuring that Hidrock sees virtually all available properties, whether listed or “off market.” It also gives Hidrock a deep understanding of the historic and emerging trends in these local submarkets and the ability to invest early in up-and-coming neighborhoods.


Being owner-operators as well as developers, Hidrock leverages its vertical infrastructure to provide accurate underwriting and to form a business plan suitable for each project. Supplemented with outside professionals when necessary, Hidrock’s in-house staff has the knowledge and experience to conduct a careful, meticulous and efficient due diligence process to ensure that each asset is fully vetted both physically and financially.


Over the years, Hidrock has completed transactions with private and institutional lenders and investors from around the globe. A history of delivering above market returns, as well as treating lenders and investors with professionalism and respect, have resulted in strong and long-standing relationships that allow Hidrock to close on acquisitions, recapitalizations and financings quickly and reliably, often at the most favorable terms then available in the market.


Experience in planning and construction, along with the selection of the right team of architects, engineers and contractors, are key factors in completing projects on-time and on-budget. Attention to detail and tenacious follow-up comprise Hidrock’s approach to the development process.


L1 Construction Management, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hidrock, provides control and accountability for each project. Daily on-site presence and a comprehensive team strategy ensures the best in quality control and allows Hidrock to anticipate problems before they occur and provide alternative recommendations to keep the project on time and on budget.


Through forming relationships with government officials and personnel within various public agencies, Hidrock, working alongside best in class consultants and expeditors, ensures plans are properly submitted, approved and signed off.


By taking a macro look at an asset, the expanded market and the national and global economy, Hidrock strives to “think outside the box” and anticipate market currents and trends, both positive and negative. Decisions to sell, refinance, undertake a major capital project or to reposition a portion or even the entire building are alternatives that are constantly being considered and evaluated as market conditions change.


One of Hidrock’s primary management beliefs is that ongoing preventive maintenance and proactive cost saving ideas are the key to being a successful owner and manager. This strategy, combined with its focus on service, professionalism and creativity has enabled Hidrock to consistently outperform its competition in terms of increasing revenue and decreasing operating costs, as well as to attract and retain superior tenants at its properties.